Skate off the wall

Under the shade of the pine trees, at the heart of Bukubaki, lies an awesome skateboard bowl.
With Matteo Storelli’s unique shape and design, our concrete bowl is entirely hand-made and already offers local riders a chance to grind to their heart’s delight.
Our skate school is intended as a preparatory training to surf, a workout on a stationary wave, so that you can go surfing already as a rider at heart.
Lessons are taught by expert instructors trained in teaching kids & adults of all abilities, beginners to advanced. Our goal is to promote a safe and fun learning experience for all skaters, from the first steps to the most advanced skills.


Find your own Style
To Be Part of the Ocean

Surfing is a lifestyle, a unique experience that teaches you to dance and play with waves, receiving strength from the ocean and learning the great lesson of focus.
All professional instructors of Bukubaki Surf School are passionate about helping their students find their own personal style and creatively express themselves.
Small groups sessions are offered to pay greater attention to individual progress and errors.

Surf beginner: learn to surf with us! At Bukubaki we give you all the information you need to approach and practice surf safely , learning how to live the “water” element discovering its dynamics and learning to play with waves, you will be followed by a professional instructor, in a group  of max 6 people. High quality equipment to ensure your success and safety is provided.

Surf advanced: Bukubaki Surf School is a school designed not only for beginners, but also for intermediate and advanced surfers with sessions meant to focused on technique and creativity in the water on the most extreme waves … ride and fun!
And never forget, what the locals say: Keep the Ocean Ocean!

Surf Safari: Choose the adventure! Get on board our equipped jeep  and spend a whole day to discover the less crowded spots , our surf guides will go along with you helping you to choose the best spots of the day.

Surf rent: a Bukubaki you can find a wide assortment of boards made for us by local shapers.
As wetsuit can be considered intimate, Bukubaki have chosen to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase their own wetsuits with different priceline, from the cheapest to the most professional ones.

Quiver: 8.4 | 8.0 | 7.6 | 5.7 | 5.0

And never forget, like the locals sais: Keep the Ocean Ocean!

Off-Road Biking

Ride to Discover Stunning Landscapes

Wake up between the trees and ride on one of our bikes to explore the stunning nature around Bukubaki.
Suitable for everyone, our fat bikes are a proper two-wheel off-road vehicle that allow you to experience the adventure and thrill of wild paths to enchanting bays and awesome views.
Take part in our daily tours to reach the ocean cliffs of the Silver Coast Ecological Reserve, with expert and passionate local guides, or go wild through woods and ocean cliffs, to reach unforgettable landscapes, drenched in the smell of earth, resin and salty water.

Ride and fly!